The sport of golf is a game of skill, chance, and a little bit of luck. I’m not a professional golfer, nor do I claim to be one, but I’ve been known to hit a nice shot or two in my days at Grand View Golf Course. And I always find it interesting if not comical to see PGA Tour superstar players like Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson hit errant tee shots into the water hazards or hit a chip shot that only goes two feet and think to myself, “I do the same thing and they are supposed to be professionals (Although I do it more often)”! But within the golf industry, companies are always coming up with innovative equipment to improve the way people, both pros and average Joes, play the game.

This innovative equipment comes in the form of bigger drivers, contraptions to correct swing motions, tee variations, gloves to correct a bad hand grip, and even golf balls with “irregular dimple patterns” that claims the ball will fly straight regardless of a person’s swing type. These innovations were all designed with the golfer’s needs in mind. Let’s face it, if you have ever golfed in your life nothing is more frustrating or creates thoughts of quitting the game than bad shot after bad shot. If one or more of these devices will improve your game regardless of skill level, than it would  be worth a purchase (I know I am going to get the “fly straight” balls). 

Like golf, the “sport” of orthopedic templating can be a “game” of skill, chance, and a little bit of luck if one is NOT utilizing a device that offers the accuracy, durability, and functionality that the Akucal scaling device designed by J2 Medical can provide.  While it wasn’t designed with the golfer in mind, it WAS designed with the orthopedic surgeon in mind.  And like good golfers, the Akucal only utilizes one ball, or radiographic marker, and is extremely accurate when placed in the plane of the bone or joint being examined.   There is a plethora of situations for which the Akucal can be employed including:

  • In Trauma Situations
  • For Single Hip X-rays
  • For Spinal X-Rays
  • For Long Bones and Femurs
  • For AP and LAT Humerus
  • For Templating Knees and Shoulders
  • Horizontally on Tables or Vertically on Wall Boards with the patented suction-cup base
  • Proper Patient Care as it is Non-Invasive to Patients
  • Easy to Sanitize Materials
  • Size Indicator of 25MM, 25.4MM, or 30MM in Every Image

 Currently Jordan Speith is the number one ranked PGA golfer in the world.  Jordan's sponsorship's include:  Under Armour, Titleist, Coca-Cola, and Rolex to name a few.  These companies sponsor Jordan because they believe in his play and he accepts them as sponsors because he believes in their product.  The same can be said for J2 Medical’s Akucal.  Hospitals all over the world and leading companies in the orthopedic industry such as: CE, Corin, Fusion One, Infinitt, Medstrat, Orthoview, Vetel Diagnostics, and Viztek all believe in the accuracy and diverse use of the Akucal.  Golf innovations may improve your golf game, orthopedic templating innovations like the Akucal will change your scaling “game.”