J2 Medical has been the leading brand in X-ray image scaling since it’s market debut 9 years ago with the Akucal.
The truth is that orthopaedic templating is only as accurate as the tool used to scale the image properly. If you begin the process with a poorly scaled x-ray image, it doesn’t matter what software you have chosen, the pre surgical planning measurements will be off proportionately… With up to 20% magnification if the image is not scaled at all.
The Akucal Evo is a patented x-ray scaling tool that ensures the most accurate orthopedic templating calculations and most functional abilities in the world. It performs reliably in any situation whether it’s a hip study, knee study or any study. The Akucal has the smallest table footprint and has the best suction cup known to man so it works on an upright study just as well.
The Akucal’s reputation speaks for itself and is placed in thousands of cutting edge orthopedic facilities worldwide and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of successful replacements per year. Contact J2 today and try one for free!