“Step right up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, step right up!!”  Now I remember going to the local fair as a kid and there was always the “game” where an individual would ask to guess my height and weight.  Guessing of height seems to be the easier of the two because the game attendant knows his own height and can make an educated guess as to mine.  Weight, on the other hand, seems somewhat more difficult.  Again the attendant knows his own weight but looks can be deceiving and making an educated guess can be more challenging.  Of course he would allow for a margin of error because guessing someone’s height and weight down to the inch and pound respectively would be almost impossible on a regular basis to make a profit. 

Joint replacement surgery used to be somewhat of a guessing game. But for joint replacement surgery, allowance for margin of error is not an option orthopedic surgeons are afforded.  When it is imperative to be precise and accurate, orthopedic surgeons must be able to trust their templating device they are utilizing.  They do not have the luxury to be incorrect in their measurements during pre-surgical planning.  J2 Medical's Akucal image scaling device provides orthopedic surgeons with the highest level of accuracy throughout the planning process.  The suction cup base for horizontal and vertical use combined with the fully positional flexible arm of the Akucal, makes it perfect for positioning the solid, surgical grade single-ball marker at anatomy level along the coronal plane.  By doing so, this eliminates errors in positioning calibration that can sometimes lead to incorrect results. 

Other devices offer multiple ball markers for single hip x-rays but according to Orthoview.com, world leader in digital templating, “Measuring a radiographic marker which has been placed on the patient in the plane of the bone or joint in question is the most accurate way to scale the image.”  And with the marker size indicator feature of the Akucal, the size of the 25MM, 25.4MM, or 30MM marker is visible on every image taken.  The Akucal allows for consistent and accurate calculations of radiological magnification and according to Agfa, a global leader in medical imaging device manufacturing, “Images need calibrated with standard reference objects, such as a 30MM sphere, to account for x-rays inherent magnification.  This is necessary to accurately size implants and better plans the procedure.  More accurate planning allows for significant time savings in complex operations and helps reduce the incidence of medical complications.” 

Local fairs were always fun as a kid.  The lights, the prizes, the rides, and the games are what attract thousands to local fairs every summer.  The thought of $1 potentially winning a stuffed animal is overwhelming for some.  But there is risk involved and the slightest margin of error in ring toss or for the weight guesser can mean going home empty-handed.  Orthopedic surgeons and the patients themselves do not want to go home empty-handed.  The need a scaling device that offers accuracy, durability, versatility and precision.  So “Step Right Up” orthopedic surgeons and take home a winner in the Akucal!