Gymie™ Titan-X-Ray Panel Holder

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j2 medical gymie casette holder.jpg

Gymie™ Titan-X-Ray Panel Holder

999.99 1,200.00

The Gymie™ Titan is the all around best solution for holding x-ray panels in a standard work environment.  Some features include removable-locking wheels, a center crank for height adjustment and a wider base for improved stability.  The holder is a 100% proprietary design that is of the highest quality and functionality.  Being able to position the cassette is one of the most important components of acquiring a quality x-ray and that's the basis of our design.  Have a nice x-ray.™

Minimum width: 13.5 inches, Maximum width: 19.5 inches

SKU: gy-t-11

Minimum width: 18 inches, Maximum width: 23.5 inches

SKU: gyt-xl-11

Maximum cassette width:
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