Akucal All-In-One Package

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Akucal All-In-One Package

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Akucal All-In-One Package (SKU: ES-AIO-11)

The NEW Akucal All-In-One package features all the tools and accessories needed for efficient image acquisition and templating.  The All-In-One package includes:

One (1) Akucal EVO Image Scaling Tool

One (1) package of Rollr Precision Markers (3 spheres)

One (1) Akucal Flat Base for heavily textured, padded, or any surface non conducive for a suction cup.  Size 6″x8″.

One (1) Akucal Undercover to provide better clarity of the calibration marker by absorbing low attenuation scatter during body part imaging that requires higher beam intensity.

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